Sunday, December 30, 2012

Short your URL and earn money through them : adfly earning

 What is the is a URL shortening service that allows you to earn through those links. The usual paying method is 4$ per 1000 views. Before some times ago I thought that earning through is a dream. But later I realized that earning is a potential way to earn thousands of dollars online. Because I have seen that most of the people earning through even more than the Adsense earning. Sometimes you may say me that it is impossible. Yes still I meet such people I also did not believed so, but now I have seen a huge potential of it and started experimenting some money making methods through

Do we need a Blog to earn money with

Most of the people thinks that it is necessary to have a blog to earn online money. But as I earn sometimes, you can even earn with out using any blog. Only thing you want to have is a good Facebook account. Sometimes having a twitter and other social media like You Tube may be helpful. Including them if you have a blog your earning would be double or even more.

How to earn with

Then the problem you may have is "how to earn through" It is very simple. First just registered to using this link. Then start using the URL service as much as possible for your earning. Just start with the target of 10$ in the very first month. Then with the time it will reach 1,000 with in 2, 3 months, if you use it potentially. Unless what happened is also predictable that is you earn less than 1$ even at the end of the 2, 3 months. So I think you may like the first method than wasting of money. So join us to earn more.

Now I am going to introduce you "how to use URL shortening tool.....?" First sing up as mentioned earlier and just log in and start the procedure.
1.First select any URL you may like to share with your readers or friends.
2.Then copy and paste it on tool.
3.Shrink the URL.
4.Copy and paste the URL anywhere you may like to share like blog, Facebook, twitter etc.

Then check your account state daily and maintain the links properly. If you are getting very less on you may have to wait for some time to grow your traffic. Because as I have experience it took me some time to come into good position through Other important thing is targeting better set of readers like US, Canada, Australia. For that write your articles in good English. Local languages may not helpful to get such target traffic. 

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