Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Best sites to share your links link sharing sites

It is very difficult to find a good site with good traffic to increase the earning from This is because of the spamming methods of some users. Therefore, Most of the other users also have the chance of earning from such sites. So, you may have a question that Is there any site to share my links?. Yes, still there are number of high ranked sites where you can use links. I have found 10 top sites to earn more money on

What are the sites which allows to share links?

I you see most of these site are Social media. In addition to that those may be Forum sites. In this list I have given lot of Social media sites like Twitter, Youtube, and etc. This is because social media are the sites where the lot of people are hanging around and exchange their experience and the links and everything. So if you share a link in there you will get at least 10 - 15 clicks per one time.

At last you can use all of these,But do not spam on this sites.

Visit here and register if you are still not a user.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adsense with with Adsense

Can I use Adsense with this may be a one of the very important and interesting question as a webmaster who are using both and Adsense in the same blog or in different blog. If we are not experts in we are not earning much with In that case most of the people concerning more on the Adsense which pays you lot. But if you can use these two in combination it is a very good chance for increase your earning by the effective use of both time and the blog space.

What are the and Adsense systems? is a URL shortening service which allows you to earn some money while making the URL short. This pays about 4$/1000 veiws on your links. This is not a click dependent method and this can use in both ingoing and the out going links.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Does the proxy IP effective in

Use proxy with

Some times you may have tried to used a proxy IP with the help of a software or a online site. However, do you know  how the proxy site or IP worked for you in According to what I have experience some earning methods working with them well while some earning methods like AdSense, Microworkers are not.

Regarding to the does it work with proxy well..? Accoring to my experience it works in a different manner compare to other earning methods.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to use as Adsense alternative..? and the AdSense

You are thinking about AdSense alternative money earning methods when you are getting lack money with AdSense or when you are banded from the AdSense with the illegal methods of earning styles.  Normally I do not accept any kind of illegal activities with Google AdSense as they paying well to us. So, before do wrong things think about them again. However if you have already missed the bus no way of getting AdSense again. In there I can help you providing some alternative earning methods for AdSense.

Then you think  "is there any alternative site for adsense..?". Yes there are number of alternatives. is a good AdSense alternative site although not the best AdSense alternative site. Because, if you earned 10$ from AdSense daily, you will only get about 2 $ by the However, it can be the other way also as the these two types are different.