Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best adf.ly alternative : Linkbux

Adf.ly Alternative Sites

Although I have satisfied with the Adf.ly earning, I know that most of you may not satisfy with only one URL shortening service. That is not due to the scamming by Adf.ly but due to the inadequate earning options made by the Adf.ly URL shortening service. As example they only pays up to 5 clicks made by a same IP address. Also the advertising options are limited only to URL shortening service. But if you have some other service with better features that may make you satisfied about your online money making solution.

Other very important thing you may need a alternative for Adf.ly is the banding of your adf.ly account due to misuse of your adf.ly links like in porn sites, invalid click generation and etc. Also some of you may like to use other online URL shortening service with adf.ly to increase our earning.

Are there any legit URL shortening site

I think the only problem you may ask is that "Is there any legit Adf.ly alternative...?". Yes there are adequate number of URL shortening site which you can use for earning. But most of they are still not well developed or may be scam. As a example until few months back there was a site called Adfocus but it also has become scam. So now we have to find good site with better payments.

Do you know a site called Linkbux. I think you may not know about it still now. So I like to recommend you this site for your earning through URL shortening method.You can just follow this link to register for this site.

Importance of Linkbux

"Do you know the benefits of Linkbux...?" I think still you are not. So we can learn them step by step. As initial it can be used as a URL shortening service. Then there are some kind of advertising options available as Top banners, side banners and etc. Other important thing here is they may pay you up to 12 clicks generated by the same IP address. So you can double your earning through short URLs as you can use them to generate your earning options. Also I think you have a good referral system with 3 levels. You may be payed up to 30% of your referral earning without reducing any money from your referrals. Also they will allow you to share your links even in the porn sites which may be a specialty of Linkbux.

After that I recommend you to have the combination of both URL shortening methods as they may double your earning. Also I think you can earn through any method that can be used in the Adf.ly to multiple the earning.

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