Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to earn with ADHitz

ADHitz earning tips

At the time when I was not deal with AdSense, I have to find out some AdSense alternative online money making option. But I tried to find out through out the Internet for such. However one day I found such a good AdSense alternative site called Adhitz. As the name indicates if you have a good number of hits you will earn more and more. So this is on how to earn with Adhitz.

Is it a good alternative to Adsense

I think some of you may have already dealing with AdSense as a earning option. Sometimes may not be so. However we know that people who fails with AdSense is looking for alternative for AdSense. Then also some of you may not be satisfied with such earning. This is a good option to you too.

Adhitz is a great ad network which may allow you to display ads through their network ads or the site specific ads. The network ads are given to the adhitz users according to their niche. And you may get from 0.04 to 0.14 for a click. Even though the adhit pays some small amounts generated by some countries, it pays all the hits that get to your site. It is a good thing regarding that. Because some ad networks like Chithika may only pays for country specific traffic.

What is sit specific ads on adhitz

Then you can make some offer for your ad sites.By this you can earn through the site specific ads. If you have attractive content to some advertisers they will buy your ad space and show their ad. You can earn from 2$- 1000$ by this method.

Then the some other important thing regarding Adhits are they have several paying options. They will pay you when your account reaches the 25$ level. This may be a huge amount to some of you. But if you have good traffic you may be getting good earning. As Google Adsense and most of the other says you can not us traffic generating methods. But in the case of Adhits it is not so. So you can use it with out any hesitate. Here you can use full script or any per-click site for your earning with the adhits.

But, what are the bad things regarding adhits....? First thing I may like to mention is the higher pay out level as much as 25$. So you have to wait till some months if you do not get good traffic. Other important thing is they do not have referral programs. So if you want to earn with referrals it is impossible. I think there may not be any other bad thing on that.
Just add up to 4 ad unis on your site  and you can simply earn with Adhitz today onward. 


  1. so this means you can still earn even without someone buying your ad space?

    1. yes you can earn either with the selling of the space, or in other method