Friday, January 4, 2013

How to earn with Chitika advertising network

Earning tips through Chitika

Are you still finding for a solution for AdSense...? Have you ever try for Chitika...? If you have not today is the time to have a look on Chitika. Chitika is a non-contextual ad network. Which is mainly based on search related advertising method. As all we know search related advertising options can improve our ad revenue gradually. Therefore I would like to consider on Chitika as a AdSense alternative ad publishing site.

As I mentioned earlier search related ads are very important part of our earning methods as they influence the readers to click on ads. This is because the ads are similar to the topic that they are searching for.

What do you need to have to earn with Chitika

So you may get good number of ad clicks and good number of earning daily. Just imaging that you have a site on newly released movies when the readers visit your sites they see the ads on new movies. Then they would probably may click to see the ad too.So this method of ads are very effective for the publishers as their online earning method.

Then some people with AdSense also like to use this ad method as they are not contextual type of ads like AdSense. So this ad network can be used along or with a additional earning option for the Adsense. So you can decide for what group you are belongs to.

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!

If we consider about their ad sizes they have more than 25 ad sizes which you can use as preferably and according to the room that you have on your blog. Also they colour are same. You can select any colour from the box and create your ad zone. Then they have given several ad-types like Text ads, List ads, Mobile ads and Local ads. So now you can see that the site is very user friendly one. Specially these are important in optimizing the ad zones for each site. I think more than half of Internet users are mobile users now. So they have good option for that which is called mobile ads.

Earn with the Chitika referal program

Last important thing is that they have a referral program which give you about 10% of your referrals with out reducing their poor earnings. That is very important thing. So do not be afraid to be referral of any one. You can register to Chitika here

Minimum pay out of Chitika

Minimum pay out of the site is 10$ per pay pal and 50$ per cash check. So you can get your money very soon. To have money in the next month you have to complete the minimum pay out rate at the end of this month.

Lastly some bad things too. But they are not such bad. First one is their paying rates are bid low. But acceptable. Then they may only pays traffic generated from several countries like US, India and etc. But do not worry at the end of the day you will get good earning even with out some traffic.

At last I can guaranty that you can reach 10,000$ per month limit with in few months. Although I have not earn such a large amount monthly, several of my friend earn such. That is why I also wanted to try this and tell you too be rich as they are.  

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