Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to earn large amount of money from Facebook tricks to earn with Facebook

Do you have ever thought about earning through Facebook....? I think you may have try but have failed a lot. Do not be discouraged. Because I also have that experience. I have try may ways to earn through Facebook as I am spending most of m life with that. However at last I have found several ways to earn with Facebook. Just follow this to view how to do that.11 ways how to earn more that 1000$ through Facebook..?. However today I am going to talk about how to earn money in Facebook with Again have you ever try that...? some of you may have tried that but most of them have filed too. It is due to your unawareness about the strategies of Facebook and

More about

Just before have to earn with Facebook I will tell ho to earn through This is a URL shortening service which allow your users to go though an add. After that you will pay for that. If the number of people going though that is high, they will multiply your earning. Normally most of the users earns about 20$ per month with out much effort. Simply go to the here to start earning.

If you just make a comment can not survive with out Facebook. Also due to the miss use of that have already banned by the Facebook. But today I am going to show you how to deal with on Facebook and how you can earn through that. Simply follow this link if you will find any difficulty to post links on Facebook.

How to use facebook to earn

To do that you should have a good number of friends on Facebook. It is better if you have list of friends trough out the world. But the most important thing is having number of friends from the countries like US, UK, Australia. But do not be afraid if you do not have such. You can add them on Facebook slowly.Otherwise if you like get friends on facebook you can use paid survives.

Other thing is that you should have a Facebook group or Facebook Fan page. I wish to have both. The next thing is to add enough friends to the group or get enough likes to your fan page. If you are lucky enough yo can get likes even from your friends, although some do not do so. If you want to know how to get thousands of Facebook likes in month you can visit this link. Make sure you name your site according to the niche you are going to talk about. As an example; If I would going to talk about the newly released software, I name it as "New Soft Zone". Like that you can make a fan page or group adding friends to the Facebook group is not that much important. Also you can post enough links in others groups with 100,000 people or more. I will give some list of Facebook pages you can share your links according to the niche.

Then you can start your journey to earn money. Normally some of the best way to induce people to go through your site is that sharing links to newly released software with links. Otherwise you can talk about newly released movies or you tube videos. For that Just share a link of interesting video and add several links below the video to several same videos where people may like to visit. I think you can achieve more with your creativeness.

Induce your friend to be referrals of you

Some other important way to earn money by is that make your friends to add you as a referral, If you have 100 referrals in your group who earns about 1$ per month you can earn about 20$ from them. Do not misunderstand that they looses money on behalf of you. No it is not will not reduce any money from your referral to pay you.

I think you may have got some idea about earning through Facebook on If this article helps you to have some knowledge on earning please register in this link.

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