Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to post links in Facebook by blogger method

Facebook earning tricks with

As we all know Adfly is a great URL shortening service which allows you to earn more and more money even with out much effort. But as we discussed Facebook has blocked the link posting on their site. Therefore you may have loss most of your ability to earn money online. Therefore I did several researches to find out how can I post URLs earn through Facebook. However I got several at last. Those include several ways like bitly method, blogger method and etc. Today my concern is on blogger method to earn money by posting links on Facebook.

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Then come to the real topic "How to post links on Facebook..?". For follow this method you should have a blogger account or any other web account where you can post links. This is in addition to your Facebook account. If you use it properly, you will reach a good level of earning soon.

For use this method of posting. Just log in to the Blogger. Then start a new post. In this post you can insert any link which is relevant to the post. And then you can post the article on blogger and share the URL of that blog post with a description on Facebook. Also do not forget to post that in relevant groups and Fan pages.

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