Monday, February 11, 2013

How to share links in facebook

Earning of through Facebook

After introducing the adfly it came over all the other URL shortening services as it can additionally generates a satisfactory income. If you try you can reach far beyond that. This is also a good alternative for other URL shortening services and such money making programs like AdSense. However, due to the sudden popularity and benefits most people started spamming on Facebook by links with out limitations. Therefore the result was the banding of the from Facebook.

I think you may have experience such when you are trying to post link generated by the However have you ever thought how to over come this problem. This means how to post links generated by with out any problem. Following my researches I found that there are several method to post and earn through links on Facebook.

Use to post links in Facebook

Today I am going to introduce a way even a person with out a web site can earn through with out much effort. I called this method as a method. Reason why I called so is that this is mediated by the

How to post on Facebook by method and earn on may be the next problem in your mind. I know, Until I get to know that I too was enthusiastic and everyday thinking about a way. This is a way of double URL shortening. You first have to short the UR with and then the link with the However you can not use a shortening service like Google for this task.

1. For this first follow this link to log in to your Facebook.

2. Then follow this link too to log into bitly.

3. Now you are in the page witch you can use for your activity.

4. Then log in to

5. After that shrink the URL first in adfly and then the bitly.

6. Then see any wrong, I think no such yet.

Although I have introduce this do not miss use it. Because if you spam the Facebook using then the Facebook will remove the bitly too. Therefore use them only when you can get at least 100 clicks for your posts. Unless you are doing a useless thing.

I have recognized that even though some people have follow me they are not making any money on Therefore keep contact with me forever as long as you grow as a publisher. I love to guide you. Please contact me after you get registered with my link. This can be done by email  or the facebook. Please include your ID too.

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