Monday, March 4, 2013

How to bypass links on google chrome

Bypass links

Although the is a good way to earn some web masters are using it in a bad way. Mostly it is same to spaming. Therefore, although you can earn from it can become a problem to your works too. Therefore I though to give you a guide to get rid of links and other links like Adfocus, Linkbux which uses as URL shortening methods. This is very well tested and working method. By following this method you can simply bypass the effect of such URLs. But this can be affect your earning too. Therefore think before using it.

Importance of removal of links

  • No time takes to load a page
  • No need to click skip button
  • Other Ads links like Adfocous and Linkbux will be bypass

How to prepare Chrome to skip

1. Install the Tamper Monkey Extension for the Google Chrome

2. Then go to AdsFight! site

3. Install the Script to your extension by clicking on install

4. Then click on a link and check whether it is working properly

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