Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to use YouTube to earn 5$ daily with adf.ly

YouTube method of earning through Adf.ly

Hello friends, We have already discussed about several ways and means of earning through adf.ly. Even though it pays law if you understand the potentials of Adf.ly you will surely earn more and more even more than 20$ through adf.ly. That may be through blogs, Facebook, Forum post or the YouTube. However today  our main concern on the earning from adf.ly through the Youtube. Is it possible to earn from YouTube by URL shortening methods..? it was a huge question on my mine until I try for that. Because I realized that it is the best way even more than all other ways of earning through adf.ly. It can override the earning through Facebook, blogger or any other ways. However before coming to our main topic read these to prepare earning through Adf.ly.

How to start earning with Adf.ly on Youtube

What we need to have to earning with YouTube method....? You do not need much of things for this even though this is highly effective. First you need to have adf.ly account if you do not have such come and register  here. Then make a YouTube account. If you have some other things like Facebook account, blog account those would be helpful to maximize your earning even more that 10$ - 15$ only by YouTube.
Then we will discuss how to earn with the adf.ly on YouTube.

How to earn on YouTube with Adf.ly

This is mainly depends on your creativity and number of followers in your YouTube channel. If you do not have much do not worry you can build up large number soon. Here the most important thing is what you do in the YouTube not anything else.
I simply done a survey about the effectiveness of the YouTube on the link traffic building. As usual if we start a blog it takes about 2 - 3 months to have at least 100 visitors with direct search if we have done the SEO properly. But if you upload a YouTube video an test. At least you will get 10 visitors on the following day. So, if you upload 20 videos about several different topics you will get about 200 visitors from the following day onward. So when your channel grows up to 2 - 3 months, you will easily get about 1000 views, if you have upload 50 videos.  Then you will get 5$ for every day on YouTube with out any effort.

Only uploading videos are not enough there after to click them on our Adf.ly links we need to have some relevant links to similar videos. It is not necessary to be in your channel. But it is important if you can keep the visitors in.

For clicking the adf.ly links on YouTube I have some suggestions. I think you also can add such by commenting here.
1. Share some videos of newly released songs and give links to similar songs of the artist-
Here it is necessary to add a attractive and well optimized video as primary video. Unless you will not get much traffic. After a good description give links other songs though adf.ly

2. Share some videos and give links to your blog about further details -
This is a another good way to get good number of clicks. If you share some procedures about anything your readers will come to your blog too. Then your blog traffic will be markedly increased.

3. Also you can post YouTube links on Facebook and maximize the earning of you.

After sometimes your Youtube channel will become a good one will enough number of videos thereafter you do not do a much afford to earn trough this too.

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