Saturday, March 2, 2013

What are the supporting countries supports all countries now

If you are going to start earning through any of the earning network the most earliest question may be "Do this network supports may country/ Paying my country..? As same as other earning networks you may have a question about that is What are the countries supported by If you asked the same question earlier the answer I can give was limited to several countries where the pay pal is supported. But from now onward this program has started a new method of payment in addition to the pay pal method of money transferring. Therefore now most of the people through out the world ca participate this method of earning. That is the method of Payoneer method. From this method you can get your money directly to your debit card in the bank.

How can you participate earning through on this method..?

1. First if you have not registered to the go and register to that following this link.

2. Then you need to go and register to the payoneer account for Follow this link to register.

3. Normally it will approve with in 2 hours.

4. Then you will see a payoneer option on account.

5. After that set your account before the next payment date.

Important note: pay pal is supporting about 190 countries in the world wide. But the most of the countries are not capable of receiving money although they can pay through pay pal. Therefore this method would be important for such countries to earn money through
If you want to see whether your country can receive money through pay pal visit this link.
Pay pal supporting countries

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