Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to use as Adsense alternative..? and the AdSense

You are thinking about AdSense alternative money earning methods when you are getting lack money with AdSense or when you are banded from the AdSense with the illegal methods of earning styles.  Normally I do not accept any kind of illegal activities with Google AdSense as they paying well to us. So, before do wrong things think about them again. However if you have already missed the bus no way of getting AdSense again. In there I can help you providing some alternative earning methods for AdSense.

Then you think  "is there any alternative site for adsense..?". Yes there are number of alternatives. is a good AdSense alternative site although not the best AdSense alternative site. Because, if you earned 10$ from AdSense daily, you will only get about 2 $ by the However, it can be the other way also as the these two types are different.

What is the different of AdSense and the

As we know AdSense is a well known CPC site. It means AdSense pays for the number of clicks you get in your advertisements. However the amount they pays may different from country to country and the site to site. You can get 5$ for one click while you are getting 0.10 $ per another click.

According to the it is quite different. They pays for the impressions although simply advertise as 4$/1000 clicks your readers do not want to click on any advertisement, they only want to click on your shorten URL. Then they will go through a advertisement to the expected site. So, if more visitors follow your link you will earn.

Which kind of sites can earn more with

If you are having download site which have good traffic you can earn large some of money using better than AdSense. This is because most of the people come to download software or any other thing will not click on your ads. They often bypass them. However if you use they have to go though and download the thing.
Another very important way of earning more is using the web site script for This is auto redirect your users while they are in the site. This will generate more and more money to you.

So, I think you may have learnt about different occasions you can use and AdSense. Hope you will enjoy this.

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