Monday, June 17, 2013

Does the proxy IP effective in

Use proxy with

Some times you may have tried to used a proxy IP with the help of a software or a online site. However, do you know  how the proxy site or IP worked for you in According to what I have experience some earning methods working with them well while some earning methods like AdSense, Microworkers are not.

Regarding to the does it work with proxy well..? Accoring to my experience it works in a different manner compare to other earning methods.

What is the use of proxy or hidden IP with

It is very clear that we used the most of the IP hiders for being protected by detecting our IP by the sites. Because it may be problematic in some situations. However, you can even change your IP with a software and change your IP to IP of another country or another computer. However, it may be quite in effective according to the experience of mine.

According to the we get high CPC when we get a view from US , UK like countries. However it is very low with some Asian and African countries.  Therefore if we can use a IP of US it is quite good to get good CPC in our account. Therefore most of the people try for that. Another important thing with is that they will not pay more than 5 clicks from same IP in the same day.

However, has very complex and effective method of detecting such wrong activities and remove them from their service.

Disadvantages of using proxy IP with

As it is able to get the wrong IPs correctly, you will be detected as proxy visitor. In that case you will be paid a very law amount even lower than CPC of your own country which may be paid less. Therefore your earning will be dropped rapidly. Also I have seen that some people have banded from the as they are shown thousands of proxy views per day.

So, I hope you have understood the risks of using proxy with

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