Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adsense with with Adsense

Can I use Adsense with this may be a one of the very important and interesting question as a webmaster who are using both and Adsense in the same blog or in different blog. If we are not experts in we are not earning much with In that case most of the people concerning more on the Adsense which pays you lot. But if you can use these two in combination it is a very good chance for increase your earning by the effective use of both time and the blog space.

What are the and Adsense systems? is a URL shortening service which allows you to earn some money while making the URL short. This pays about 4$/1000 veiws on your links. This is not a click dependent method and this can use in both ingoing and the out going links.

Adsense is a earning method which will helps the publishers to maximize their earning. This is simply done by showing the ads on their site. This is a very important method and it will pay you according to the number of clicks you gets per day. However this is bit strict method and you will be banned on by the Google adsense If you do cheating.

How we can use both Adsense and together ?

As we mentioned we can use adsense as a inbound outbound linking method related to our site. This is very important in social media traffic. If you get 1000 views with them you have earn 4$ per day. Also you can use them as outbound links which direct your readers to important sites or service.
While we are doing that we can add adsense codes in 3 places in our page.

Is it allowed by the Adsense to use as earning method?

This is somewhat controversial problem in the blogging world. Some people tells it is ok while others telling it is not allowed. I thought it is better to talk about the ideas and allowing you to decide what is right.
If we use adfly as our inbound links, there may be a problem related to your incoming links. That is because they will not show where did they come from. There if you get large amount of traffic through links you will be facing problems with adsense.So it is not better to use in incoming links.

Then If you use large number of links in a one post it may be a problem related to the navigation of a page. People do not want to go though unwanted sites. So, you need to concern on navigation of your site.

Other problem they are mentioning is the difficulty in differentiation one by another. This will be solved out by putting 3 image ads in the page.

Then the other side of that. It is the positive side of combination. If we concern on Adsense it is CPC based site. It means it pays for clicks. But adsense pay for the views. Also if we are not damaging the navigation of the readers it is okay to use links.

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