Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to skip links on Firefox

Bypass links on FireFox is a nice and easy way to earn large some of money if you try. But, this way of earning can use as a spamming method of other sites. Mostly the Facebook and other social media site. That is because of there poor knowledge of online earning and the usage of Therefore most of the people have started to remove the adfly links on their browser. This is a brief introduction on such add-on on FireFox to remove links. Also you can remove adfly links on google chrome too

Importance of the adfly skipper is that it can skip the link and redirect you into the original content with out awaiting you several minutes for loading the ads and then page.

How to skip the links..?

1. First go to the FireFox add-on collection

2. Then get the skipper downloaded

3. After that install the add on on the FireFox browser

4. Refresh and use the browser.

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